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Oil and Gas


Crude oil, located in a strategic position among the primary energy sources, meets 33% of world’s energy demand and natural gas meets 23,7% of it. Use of oil  in economic activities after processing it follows this structure: Search, crude oil production, transportation, refining, petrochemical, power and distribution chain. It’s a vertically integrated process.A similar structure was created in Turkey and institutions like TPAO, BOTAS, TUPRAS, PETKIM POAS and Ipragaz have started to operate accordingly.

TPAO is the main oil and natural gas provider in Turkey. It maintains exploring oil and natural gas in neighboring countries and keeps operating some facilities. Besides,  it continues to operate and keeps identifying convenient land and sea areas for the determination of our country's current oil potentialas well as our capacity of production.

In our country, TUPRAS and STAR refinery are the only domestic institution which performs refining, that is to say, processing of crude oil and transforming it into petroleum products. Tupras has four refineries which are located in Izmit, Izmir, Kirikkale and Batman. STAR refinery is located in Izmir. Products that are generated in these refineries are as follows: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), white products (gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil, diesel oil), black products (in various grades of fuel oil) and also naphtha, lube base oils, a variety of different qualities of asphalt and solvent.


Over the past 20 years , Inrep has collaborated in numerous projects with relevant institutions at every single stagein this vertically integrated processthroughits qualified services offered.


Natural Gas and Oil Pipelines


Contributing petroleum products into the national economy is comprised of these two steps of the vertically integrated process: Transportation and distribution. Here, Inrep has been involved in major projects in the implementation in these steps.

LNG Plants


Ipragaz, BOTAS, and Egegaz are the leading companies in this area. Inrep is in collaboration with these leading companies in LNG storage and distribution-related projects.


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