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Oil and Gas


Crude oil, located in a strategic position among the primary energy sources, meets 33% of world’s energy demand and natural gas meets 23,7% of it. Use of oil  in economic activities after processing it follows this structure: Search, crude oil production, transportation, refining, petrochemical, power and distribution chain. It’s a vertically integrated process.A similar structure was created in Turkey and institutions like TPAO, BOTAS, TUPRAS, PETKIM POAS and Ipragaz have started to operate accordingly.

TPAO is the main oil and natural gas provider in Turkey. It maintains exploring oil and natural gas in neighboring countries and keeps operating some facilities. Besides,  it continues to operate and keeps identifying convenient land and sea areas for the determination of our country's current oil potentialas well as our capacity of production.

In our country, TUPRAS and STAR refinery are the only domestic institution which performs refining, that is to say, processing of crude oil and transforming it into petroleum products. Tupras has four refineries which are located in Izmit, Izmir, Kirikkale and Batman. STAR refinery is located in Izmir. Products that are generated in these refineries are as follows: Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), white products (gasoline, jet fuel, gas oil, diesel oil), black products (in various grades of fuel oil) and also naphtha, lube base oils, a variety of different qualities of asphalt and solvent.


Over the past 20 years , Inrep has collaborated in numerous projects with relevant institutions at every single stagein this vertically integrated processthroughits qualified services offered.


Natural Gas and Oil Pipelines


Contributing petroleum products into the national economy is comprised of these two steps of the vertically integrated process: Transportation and distribution. Here, Inrep has been involved in major projects in the implementation in these steps.

LNG Plants


Ipragaz, BOTAS, and Egegaz are the leading companies in this area. Inrep is in collaboration with these leading companies in LNG storage and distribution-related projects.




Petrochemicals specifies the methods of obtaining oil used in chemical industry. These petroleum products are used in every aspect of life such as transportation, various industries and household consumption.


Petrochemical Industry is a large scale, capital and technology-intensive industry with a wide range of products. In petrochemical industry; plastic, rubber, fiber raw materials and other organic interim goods are produced by using goods based on the basic inputs such as Naphtha, LPG and petroleum products or natural gas.


PETKIM is the only large-scale petrochemical producer in Turkey and over the past 20 years Inrep has collaborated with Petkim on several projects.

Chemical Industry


There are many sub-branches of the chemical industry and many other sectors that are interacting with it.


30% of the products manufactured by Chemical Industry arrives directly to consumers and the 70% rest of it is used as intermediate goods or raw materials in other sectors.70% of the raw materials used are imported, while 30% is met by domestic production. Entrepreneursin the chemicals sector are mostly situated in Istanbul. Micro-scale companies are more excessive in this area and manufacturing process is mostly done by these companies.


Plastics, detergents, cleaners, soap, medicine, rubber and paint industry are some of the leading areas and Inrep has collaborated on numerous projects with numerous companies in the chemical industry for over years.


Food Industry


One of the main integral parts of Turkish economy is food industry. It is the most dynamic sector of Turkish economy through  its investment, employment and production structures.Exports of the food industry, with the ratio of foreign trade is one of the important reasons of this. Agricultural products are used as raw materials in food industry and its actions are only at the country level nowadays and this does not appear sufficient. In order to be integrated into the world economy and survive,exports are neededto be increased. For this, adequate and high quality raw materials should be provided and technological innovations should be followed as well. At the same time, studies of agricultural and chemical industries should go parallel with the innovations of science and technology.


Inrep has collaborated in numerous projects with relevant companies of food industry.

Power Plants


Power plants are divided into sub-groups such as thermal power plants (solid fuel, liquid/gas-fired, geothermal, nuclear), hydroelectric power plants and wind power plants.


In Turkey there is 18,6GW solid fuel-fired thermal power plant is located. Liquid/Gas fired thermal power plant capacity is 22,8GW, hydroelectric power is 27,9GW. Wind power is 6,6GW and geothermal power is 1,1GW. There is no installed nuclear power plants in our country. The estimated power of the planned Akkuyu Nuclear Energy Plant is 4800MW(4,8GW).


Over the past years, Inrep has collaborated on several domestic and overseas projects with Turkey’s leading contractor companies.


Wastewater Treatment


Water contaminates after industrial processes and household activities. When it happens, it is called as wastewater. Recovery operations are carried out at the wastewater plants  in order to get water recycled and  must be discharged without any harm.


Inrep has collaborated in several projects with wastewater treatment plants.




Turkey is one of mineral-rich countries. The largest share of exports belong to marble and natural stone.  Small-sized companies are at the forefront in this sector and they are mostly not public companies. In terms of export, the most important mines are as follows: Feldspar, copper, chromium and boron.

Our country has 72% of world boron reserves. In order to extract and process the mineral reserves of our country, capacity of production is increased rapidly by public and private investments. ETI Maden is one of the most important public instutitons of minerals of our country. Other major mining enterprises are as follows: ETİ Bakır, ETİ Krom, ETİ Aluminyum, Soda Sanayii and Erdemir Madencilik.


Inrep has collaborated with the industry’s leading companies in many projects over the past years.

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